Those days…that was when I was pretending. I was pretending to be happy even though deep down I was miserable. I was waiting it out for that day I can get away from everything, but that day never came. Instead of changing the world I changed myself.

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Information on Women's Health & Sexuality - Our Bodies Ourselves

I am reading Our Bodies, Ourselves for my women’s health class. I recommend it for any women interested in living a healthy life. It has good information and it is written in a feminist perspective.

Next year will be different I want to focus on growing myself and focusing on  excelling academically since it will be my last year. Unfortunately, It may mean turning down FASO and applying to challenging internships within the field I want to go into.

It is Spring Break!

Which consist of me hanging out with my cat, working on projects, jury duty. and trying to hangout with any friends that didn’t leave for break. Whoooo! It is nice to have the time to catch up in school work tho.

Every semester I learn so much, but there is something about this semester that is extra special. Even though it is full of so much to learn and comprehend. I am seeing how everything connects and how this information will help me ,yes, be more knowledgeable but also be a better friend, coworker, ally to minorities etc.

My public administration class teaches me how to be a better leader. We answer questions such as how to motivate others and how to communicate successfully. We learned the ins and out about teamwork which is probably something we should have learned a long time ago when we started working in teams. In this class and my multicultural class I am starting to really delve into issues of health disparities due to racial/ethnic discrimination, inequalities, human rights, cognitive biases etc. I don’t know why I haven’t studied this before, because these issues are so relevant. 

My wildcat leadership institute group had to chose a project to help out with and get off the ground. We chose to  do work on an ally training project which will be made up of workshops educating students about all types of discrimination, its consequences, obtaining cultural competency and more. Out of all the projects my team could have chosen we chose this one. And It floors me that I just happen to be learning about these concepts in my classes.

I want to bring more peace and love into my life.

Such a stressful week. I’ve cried 3 times so far. I just want it to be over already.

Goals- be more organized, better myself on time management,  gain more assertiveness,  focus on communication, improve interpersonal skills, sleep 7-8 hr a night and improve my emotional intelligence
Teddy bears from my valentine

Matt: “people look like a their parents”

Me: ” Yeah I usually look like my parents but today I looked like Michelle Obama for some reason”